Jamatto is all about micropayments. They provide simple and compelling solutions for content producers and publishers, managing billions of tiny payments in a way that’s frictionless, transparent and fair.
As lead designer for Jamatto, I created all the sketches and product wireframes to illustrate user stories and interactions for the developer, marketing/branding assets, and company websites. I was also responsible for all UI design decisions to create visually stimulating and delightful designs, as well as UAT and AB testing.

  • Branding
  • Emails
  • UX/UI
  • Webdesign

User journey: sign up and top-up

Goals: boost the acquisition of new users and increase the number of top-ups
Solutions: improve the user onboarding process and simplify the top-up transactions
Results (mid 2018): increase of the conversion rate from 10% to 25% (30,000+ users) and the number of returning users topping-up by 5%


The Jamatto button

Goal: increase the number of clicks - either sign-up or purchase - on the Jamatto button
Solution: run an ab testing with multiple versions of the same button featuring different shapes, colours and copy


The pop-ups

Goal: determine the most efficient messaging and design to increase the number of clicks
Solution: run an ab testing with multiple versions of the pop-ups
Test #1: compare messaging to understand user reaction (guilt, humour, pity etc) to different emotions, same payment options
Test #2: compare messaging, designs and different numbers of payment options


Clients dashboard

Allowing clients to access activity reports: RPM's, real-time views, top earning articles, best keywords etc